Titan’s Beta Waitlist Hits 400 – Our Next Steps

The Titan beta sign-up list is now well over 400 members strong! We wanted to give you an update and extend our sincerest gratitude for joining us to make mining massively better.

Intuitive Design

The Titan software will not only be a powerhouse for mining management and profitability, but will also be intuitive and easy to use. Good design takes time and requires user feedback, so we’d love to hear from you about what metrics and mining data you’d like to see. Here’s a sneak-peek of Titan’s UI:

We Asked, You Answered

To sign up for the beta list, we asked applicants a few simple questions about their mining experiences. “What is the hardest part about mining?” provided some of the most actionable insight for us as a team.

Here’s what you said:

Hardware Management Done Right

Managing hardware can be difficult, and we found that this is what most respondents agonized over. The Titan software will alleviate a lot of this hardware angst through plug-and-play solutions that will keep your mine running without tedious manual processes.

When Beta?

Over the next couple of months, we will roll out various levels of the beta software to a select list of candidates so we can create a broad testing palette. Toward the end of our beta cycle, we will begin to release the complete software suite to our full sign-up list.

Who We Are


  • Ryan Condron, CEO – Creator of the first customize-able profit switching pool, and co-creator of one of the first cloud mining services
  • Kyle Howlett, CTO – Creator of Coinwarz, a highly trusted cryptocurrency mining calculator site, and co-creator of one of the first cloud mining services
  • Jeff Garzik, Co-founder & Advisor – Leading early Bitcoin developer and creator of one of the first software tools for CPU mining.

Wrap up

Intuitive and powerful, the Titan software suite will provide elegant automation and lower the barriers to entry in the mining world. We are excited about the upcoming release of our software suite and its ability to revolutionize hardware management. Follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date news on Titan and let us know what you need to make your mining massively better.