The Hardest Part About Mining, According to the Titan Waitlist

We’ve been thrilled with the response to January’s announcement of Titan, both from the crypto-mining community and in private meetings that have taken place since.

Opening the Titan beta waitlist allowed us to gauge interest – which was substantial – in a new, automated mining management solution. The comments left by people who signed up also offered important insights as to where miners wanted to improve their operations. The responses were a mix of the expected and unexpected, showing us priorities and opportunities.

Let’s break it down:

Hardware management tops the list of “wants” among miners, which is unsurprising given that it’s a largely manual process akin to the worst iteration of Whac-a-Mole possible. (One respondent even intimated: “I just want to be able to leave the mine sometime.”) That’s what people are expecting Titan to deliver: easier, automated device configuration that reduces the time spent on related tasks.

In a distant second place is profitability. This was differentiated from “revenue management” and “expense management” in that people who indicated profitability as a top concern expressed it in terms of both revenue and expenses. Even when adding all three together, you still get 36.1% – still second place to the hardware management category.

As the launch of the Titan beta draws closer we’ll be tracking additional feedback, looking for more insights into the efficiencies miners are hoping to find and what they hope to get out of the tool. Making crypto mining easier for everyone was our goal in creating Titan and we are excited to move it to the next level of testing and deployment.

Ryan Condron is a principal blockchain engineer at Bloq and CEO of Titan.

This post was originally published on Sync