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Mining Startup, Titan, Announces Private Pool – Powerful & Cost Effective Crypto Mining

Titan’s Private Pool is a fully-hosted, optimized, fixed fee solution built on a proven implementation, backed by experienced engineers.

SAN FRANCISCO & CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Titan, an innovator in the mining ecosystem, announced today the successful launch of it’s Private Pool solution based on a fully transparent flat-fee structure. For a low, fixed monthly rate the Titan Private Pool provides a fully-hosted, proven pool environment with optimized software managed by Titan engineers from start to finish.

While any mining facility could set up its own pool using open source software, it comes along with substantial inherent risk and technical complexity. Titan provides a stress-free private pool environment with included technical support.

“The Titan Private Pool is a one-of-a-kind solution and it’s off to an incredible start. We have already mined several blocks with a factor of extraordinary luck. The pool is providing a significant ROI and our customers are extremely happy. Titan’s Private Pool is the most cost effective and optimized private pool in the industry and is a no-brainer for larger miners,” said Ryan Condron, CEO of Titan.

Other competing pools charge a percentage fee, which can be as high as 2-3%. So the more a miner scales, the more money these competing pools take. These imposed fees are often hard to find and nearly impossible to properly audit, leaving many miners in the dark.

Titan believes in full transparency without the need to offer special pricing or discount rates based on unique conditions. The Titan Private Pool has one, low-cost flat fee. Our highly experienced technical team combined with our software optimization, creates an extremely low-risk environment while delivering the highest return on investment. To see our Private Pool in action, contact us at privatepool@titan.io.

About Titan

Titan provides powerful software and services for crypto mining at scale and now offers North America’s first enterprise-grade mining pool. Titan’s Lumerin Protocol is a peer-to-peer platform that enables data stream routing based on smart contract rules. Using the Lumerin Protocol, any asset that is delivered via a TCP/IP connection, can be combined with real-time Oracles to support the asset creator in maximizing buyer access across any number of multiple delivery channels. The Lumerin Protocol will make Bitcoin/POW hashrate a tradable, liquid financial asset, unlocking mining profitability and providing greater access to capital and investments. Titan was formed and founded in September 2018 by Ryan Condron, Jeff Garzik, and Matthew Roszak. For more information, please visit Titan.io and follow us on Twitter at @Titan_Mining.

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