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Next-Generation Mining Pools

The Titan Mining Pool solutions offer powerful alternatives for
Bitcoin miners who want to increase their efficiency and scalability
at a flat, low cost.

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Greater Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

  • We give Titan Private Pool members a higher opportunity for earning crypto mining rewards.
  • Our industry-leading low, flat rate supports members in maximizing their profit.

Greater Price & Pool Transparency

Titan believes crypto miners should be able to maximize their revenues and profits as much as possible. We believe in full transparency, without the need to offer special pricing or discount rates based on unique conditions.

  • Titan’s highly experienced technical team, combined with our software optimization creates a low-risk environment while delivering the highest return on investment.
  • All users of the Titan Private Pool receive full reporting of statistics, work share, fees, and rewards via both the pool website and an API.

Want to test the waters? Then there’s our Titan Public Pool, which charges a fee that varies according to your hashrate. Customers that use the Public Pool can easily switch to the Private Pool after only one week of onboarding.

Greater Simplicity

  • Provide a fully-hosted, proven pool environment with optimized software managed by Titan engineers from start to finish.
  • Reduces regional and support issues for miners and avoids the issues of complication of trans-national agreements.
  • Includes comprehensive technical support.

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