The Titan Brand

Use the following as a high-level guideline for all Titan brand applications and promotion. Have fun with it, but we ask that you not alter the Titan logo.

Primary Logo

The Titan Primary Logo is crucial to the brand and its messaging. The Titan logo should be used in this form (Primary Logo) at all times possible. For materials requiring the logo to be used on a dark background color or image, use the Reversed Primary logo.


Primary Logo samples

Secondary Logo

There may be use cases in which the Primary Logo is not ideal. In such case, use the Titan Secondary Logo. Do not attempt to create a Secondary Logo yourself by removing or rearranging elements of the Primary Logo.


Secondary logo samples


The Titan Hex Bolt may be used as an iconic representation of the Titan brand. It is an avatar, not a stand-alone logo. It may be used only after the Titan brand has been clearly established, giving the Hex Bolt a frame of reference.


glyph samples

Color Palette

The Titan Color Palette establishes a memorable and consistent impression in the minds of customers. Titan Blue and Dark Blue must be the predominant colors. Black and White tones are to be used for supplemental elements such as backgrounds and elements that help balance the vibrancy of the Titan Blue and Dark Blue.

palette samples


The Titan typography system is based on the bold, straightforward Inter typeface family found on Google Fonts. Highly legible with wide language support, Inter can be used for all headlines and body content in both Print and Web applications.

Inter Font Typography examples